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What is a Carbon Offset

Carbon offsets are certificates created by projects that reduce, avoid, or destroy greenhouse gases. Project owners can sell these offset certificates to expand their projects or create new ones. Each carbon offset purchased funds the reduction, or elimination of one metric ton (2,204 pounds) of carbon dioxide-equivalent gases (CO2e).

One carbon offset equals the removal or capture of one metric ton of CO2e from the atmosphere. Because different chemicals have different impacts on warming, CO2e is used as the standard measurement for greenhouse gases.

Help Fund a Virtuous Cycle

GRE will track the amount of therms of natural gas Greener Life customers use and will calculate the amount of CO2e released because of that usage. We will then retire an equivalent amount of carbon offsets. In this way, you can be sure your natural gas usage was made carbon neutral.

Retiring a carbon offset on your behalf means that you are the only person that can claim the environmental benefit from that offset.